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Qualities & Skills needed during Survivor Disclosure or Recovery

“Hello there! I’m here to provide you with a bit of information on a few personal skills and traits that can come in handy when you're supporting a survivor who has confronted any violation or violence. I would like to remind you that suggestions on this post should not be taken as a one-size-fits-all approach. What the survivor is  undergoing after having confronted a traumatic experience is normal. What you are going through while supporting a survivor is absolutely okay and typical too!  If you need additional resources or just someone to talk to, feel free to reach out to Imaara Foundation."

Who is a survivor?

A survivor is any individual who identifies as having had their personal space invaded by another person or people, or has encountered sexual and gender-based violence.

What is a disclosure?

What are some useful traits or skills required when responding to a disclosure?

What are some things you can remember?

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