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Imaara Survivor Support Foundation is a non-governmental organization working towards preventing and ultimately ending sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the Indian context. Our work is rooted in prioritizing survivor-oriented remedial approaches and also highlights the significance of bystander intervention and support. 

You may wonder why yet another NGO?

To put it quite simply, it's because violence and violations continue to persist in our society. Although certain groups are more vulnerable than others to confront brutality or an infringement of their rights, the horrid truth is that anyone can confront violence or violations at any point depending on circumstances.


We believe that the stepping stone towards ending this cycle of violence is to think of ways in which we can prevent perpetrators from re-offending by increasing accountability while also providing survivors of SGBV with caring, warm, supportive communications so that they can overcome trauma and lead fulfilling lives as they so deserve.  


“Why was the onus on us to seek reparation and rehabilitation? Why are we shamed, blamed, and judged for the wrongful actions of another? What wrong did we do to experience this darkness while the person or people who committed the harm were unapologetically at liberty?”


- Rasika Sundaram

Our projects broadly focus on the following aspects: 

  • To provide survivor-centric resources to survivors or victims of sexual and gender-based violence which includes but is not limited to legal assistance, medical assistance, and psychosocial assistance. 

  • To shed light on psychological processes and the concept of trauma and its various facets while also normalizing the survivor/victim experience and highlighting individual differences. 

  • To provide training on bystander intervention and prioritize bystander care and support. 

  • To engage in research that works towards establishing survivor-oriented systems and services that prioritize warmth, sensitivity, care, receptivity, and intersectionality towards survivors/victims of sexual and gender-based violence. 

  • To engage in research that would increase aggressor accountability and reform, to prevent aggressor re-offence.

To learn more & engage with our projects 

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