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Sexual Harassment: Perpetrating Fear, Intimidation, & Humiliation

“Hello there! I’m here to provide you with a bit of information on what sexual harassment is, its various facets, and the Indian laws relevant to this abuse. What you, as a survivor, are experiencing, post confronting a traumatic experience is normal. What you, as a bystander, are going through while supporting a survivor is absolutely okay and typical too!  If you need additional resources or just someone to talk to, feel free to reach out to Imaara Foundation."

Written By: Pranati Palanivel

If you are a women who has experienced sexual harassment, you can complain online on the website of the Ministry of Women and Child Development through the SHe-Box (Nyaaya, 2022).

What is sexual harassment?

Any sexual behavior perpetrated by a person or group of people without your consent and makes you feel humiliated, intimidated or scared is considered as sexual harassment (Rape Crisis England & amp; n.d.).

What types of sexual harassment exist?

Does sexual harassment exist in the workplace?

What can you do if you experience sexual harassment at work in India?

What do movies have to do with sexual harassment?

What laws in India are pertinent to sexual harassment?

What are the references for this article?


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