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Human Trafficking: Exploiting People for Profit

“Hello there! I’m here to provide you with a bit of information on what human trafficking is, its various facets, and the Indian laws relevant to this abuse. What you, as a survivor, are experiencing, post confronting a traumatic experience is normal. What you, as a bystander, are going through while supporting a survivor is absolutely okay and typical too!  If you need additional resources or just someone to talk to, feel free to reach out to Imaara Foundation."

Written By: Shashank Ramachandran

How Can You Report Human trafficking?

If you notice or suspect any incidence of human trafficking around you, make sure to report the same and help change a life. 1098 is the national Government helpline you can reach out to for child trafficking. You can call Shakti Vahini, an organization established in New Delhi, on +91-11-42244224 or +919582909025.

What is human trafficking?

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime defines Human Trafficking as “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of people through force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them for profit.” Human trafficking is an extensive crisis. In many cases, trafficking gives rise to further crime. The trafficked victims may be used for domestic slavery or bonded agricultural labor. The trafficked victims are commonly sexually exploited (Profits and Poverty: Economics of Forced Labour, 2017).

Are there various forms of human trafficking?

Are certain genders disproportionately affected by human trafficking?

What are your rights relevant to human trafficking?

What are the references for this article?

Remember, being a citizen is not simply living in a society, but attempting to change it. Do your part to make the world a safer place, for all of us.


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