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Let's Write Together!

Writing works as an effective tool to help address trauma associated with your triggers and to process all the feelings that come up in relation to what is going on. It doesn't need to be eloquent, literary writing at all. Even disjointed sentences, a few phrases or words, or even single sentences work just fine. It does not even need to be grammatically accurate. Writing down your trauma can help you reduce what happened to words - and in a dialogue with paper, you don't have to do the emotional labour of articulating it to a person. 

This exercise is aimed at helping you respond to what has happened through writing.

Do not proceed with this activity if you are highly triggered.

Think about:

The thing that's worrying / hurting you. What comes to mind? Write out your responses as they emerge.

What are you feeling right now?

What's going on in your heart / mind / body?

Is there something you want to say that you haven't been able to? 

Keep the writing going: do not judge yourself or self-censor. Let everything that comes to surface emerge without restriction. You may do this in a journal, or in a diary app, or even on loose sheets.

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