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Understanding Trauma, Resilience, & Wellness 

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Adriana Leigh is a Canadian self-described "recovering lawyer” turned global gender consultant, facilitator and trainer, writer, and speaker. She builds safer, more respectful, caring, and inclusive workplaces and organizations, free of sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

She brings a human and heart-centred, rather than a merely compliance-centred approach to these issues, combined with her legal and subject matter expertise, her own survivor experience, and background in human rights education.

Adriana delivers global workshops, sexual harassment and violence policy and reporting processes development, implementation coaching to managers and human resources and thought leadership. She works cross-sector with UN agencies building the capacity of partner organizations, international human rights organizations, in addition to private sector clients and universities.

Her work has been showcased by Charity Village, Medium, UN Women, Sexual Violence Research Initiative, Mtavari Channel, Brainz Magazine and World Pulse, among others.


Adriana has been featured by World Pulse in the article: “Her Story Makes History: 21 Women Leaders to Watch in 2021” and in 2022, was included on the list of Brainz Magazine’s “7 Female Entrepreneurs and How they are Changing the World.” She is also the recipient of a BRAINZ CREA Global Award 2022, honouring individuals who are paving the way in sustainability and mental health, and of a Digital Changemaker Award as one of the World Pulse 50 Rising Voices, recognizing 50 leaders who are shaping our future.


You can read more about Adriana on the ALG website or in this recent interview with her.

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